MJF-printed T65
MJF is short for MultiJet Fusion. It's HP brand of industrial 3D printer. It works with PA11 as a very very fine powder. Like get into your lung tiny. It deposit a thin layer, like a sheet of papee, spray it with black ink or something a lot like it, blast it with UV so the black area fuse with the layer under, finally start again with the next layer. Very cool stuff.

T65 is the technical name of the X-wings in star wars used by the rebellion in the battle of yavin. They have 4 independant reactor. Poe Damron fly a T70 which have 2 pair of reactor that each form one big cylinder when closed.


I used to work in a 3D printing shop and as an employee I had a nice reduction that I used, among other things, to print that T65 in HP's MJF. Lego minifig for scale. The thing is unprocessed, the "moucheté" stone gray color is a byproduct of how the printer work.

It did fall once and the end of the nose being super thin, a corner broke. I trimmed the other corner with a nail clipper to make it look intentional. If we squint out eyes a bit, we can see where it's cut that the inside is black.

I love how that blown up tiny low poly model looks. Also yes, the stand is 100% repurposed trash. The dome is from a fast food ice cream, the green stick is a straw with part of a similar straw stuck inside for strength, inside the dome is packing foam probably from a GPU and hot glue which was hot enough to melt the foam if I remember correctly. I had another straw filled with hot glue but it stuck at both end leaving the middle empty and it couldn't stand the weight

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